Insurance Based Medicine

     Our Practice attempts to make Integrative / Functional Medicine more accessible to more Patients. As such, we bill Insurance for Medical Services that are are usually covered by Mainstream Medicine ( Office Visits, Lab draws, EKG’s, etc.). Of course, all Co-Pays, Deductibles and unassigned Co-Insurances will be charged, as with any Insurance.

     Taking Insurance for covered Services, allows the Patient to, hopefully, have some additional funds for spending on Services not covered. With Integrative / Functional Medicine, while some Tests are covered by Insurance, many are only partially covered, or not covered at all. Also, Supplements / Nutriceuticals are not Prescription Medicines and have to be paid for. However, many Patients have Flexible Spending Plans, as part of their Insurance coverage, and are able to be Reimbursed for what they have paid. Our Office will provide, upon request, documentation for the Patient of any Supplements / Nutriceuticals medically suggested by the Physician. Also, our Office will confirm any Tests suggested by the Physician, to verify that these Tests were ordered by the Physician. Our Office does not get involved in Appeals, beyond the aforementioned Verification Statement.

     Due to Insurance requirements, we are obligated to bill Aetna Insurance Patients with a designated Primary Care Physician, at Specialist fees, requiring referrals. Aetna Insurance Patients, not requiring a choice of a designated Primary Care Physician, are billed under their Insurance Plan, without the need of a referral.