Any approach to Cancer Treatment should be comprehensive. Those who do the best are those that utilize a blend of Mainstream conventional modalities with Alternative modalities — an Integrative Approach.    

Our Practice offers high dose Intravenous Vitamin C, which acts as Chemotherapy. Many Oncologists argue that the antioxidant effect of the Vitamin C will negate the Oxidant effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. While this is true of lower doses of Vitamin C, at the higher doses achieved through the Intravenous route, Vitamin C stimulates an Oxidant effect via Hydrogen Peroxide stimulation. Therefore, not only is IV Vitamin C compatible with Chemo & Radiation, it is Synergistic. It also anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce the side effects of Mainstream conventional treatments.

We include oral Nutriceuticals (vitamins, minerals,herbals, etc.) that combat cancer cells and help to maintain a functional quality of life. Peruse the articles below. Apologies for the off balance text of the second article. 

Benefit-of-INTRAVENOUS-VITAMIN-C (Click on this Link to read a less technical, more user friendly article. I would recommend reading the material on this Link, prior to the article below. At the end of the article below, there is a list of resources on Vitamin C & Vitamin C and cancer, that I compiled for a Patient, from a 2010 conference that I attended.