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Ronald P. Ciccone, MD PC
Integrative Family Medicine

                                           As Of 12/15/2023

     I am no longer active as a Primary Care Physician. I am no longer Participating / Accepting Insurance. You should have received an E-mail in October that I sent to all my Active patients. The Letter that was sent     (and the one to New patients) appear below this Update memo.

     If, for any reason, you did not receive the E-mail and this is the first time that you are becoming aware of this change:

  • If you have a serious or life-threating emergency, go immediately to the Emergency Room.
  • If you have an Acute problem, go to an Urgent Care or similar Clinic (e.g. CVS / Rite-Aid / Walgreens / etc.).
  • For Chronic ongoing problems, E-mail any concerns to cicconeronald@gmail.com. I will be glad to assist you in your Transition, for a period of 60 days from the date of your E-mail contact. Courtesy “Current” medication refills for medications that I have previously prescribed will be filled, if needed during this 60 day grace period.
  • All correspondence should be addressed to: PO. Box 383     Broomall, Pa.   19008
  • In the interest of time and efficiency, E-mails will be reviewed daily & response time will be Prioritized over a 3-5 day period. Any response sooner than three days will be at my discretion.
  • A reminder that any Supplements that you purchased though our Office, can be ordered on Our E-Store, that you can access on this website. Access codes are needed for Metagenics, Standard Process  Wholescripts ( Xymogen ), before you can create a username & password for shopping. No code is needed for Fullscripts. See link here –  Store page.
  • I recently became aware that I can accept Medicare Insurance through the end of 2024. So, Medicare patients will not need to pay out of pocket, once their Deductible is met.

  • Beginning 1/21/24< I am working with Pegasus Print & Copy Center ( 610-356-8787 ). Unfortunately, due to HIPPA/Legal issues, it is not feasible to sign & return records, as was the original plan. The process is…..                                                     

    • 1) Sign a signed Records Release Autorization via your new Primary

      2) I will attach the Authorization, plus your contact Info onto your Chart & deliver it to Pegasus. If you already submitted an Authorization, there is no need to send a new Authorization.

      3) Pegasus will count the pages ( 15 cents per page, calculate the total cost ( e.g. 100 pages would cost $15 + postage or UPS, if not electronically sent ). Pegasus will contact you in no more than 10 days after receipt of your Chart. Pegasus will give you a total cost, to be approved by you.

      4) With your approval, Pegasus will electronically send your records to your new Primary.

      5) Optionally, at your request, for an additional $10, Pegasus will copy your records on a Thumb / Flash Drive & send it to you as your own Personal copy.

      Medical Records”: It has come to light, that the time required to prep the charts to be copied by the machine is longer than expected. It appears to be more involved, due to the need to remove staples and smooth crinkled paper to go through the machine. As such, the Copying Service is adding a prorated charge of $100 / hour ( the amount is determined by the time required & averages a little above to a little below $50 per chart ).


Sharing in your Optimal Health,

Ronald P. Ciccone,  MD  PC

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